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88VX Blast Respirator Helmet

Protection you need. Comfort you expect. Climate control you want.

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Features & Benefits


Advanced Protection

  • Sewn-in neck cuff provides a physical barrier to guard against airborne contaminants
  • Double lining in the neck area enhances durability and added protection

Comfortable Fit

  • Lightweight inner shell with an adjustable headband suspension
  • Airflow is channeled directly to the user’s breathing zone
  • No fit testing required
  • Optional cheek pads for increased stability

Head Protection

  • Helmet provides top impact and penetration protection. The protective helmet meets ANSI/ISEA Standard Z89.1 Type 1 requirements for protective headwear for industrial workers, and ANSI/ISEA standard Z87.1, Z87+ High-Impact Face Protection. The cape is designed to protect the worker’s body from abrasive rebound
  • Helmet and cape help protect the worker’s entire head, face, and upper body from abrasive rebound, and messy overspray

Optimum Visibility

  • Wide-angle faceshield lens
  • Optional tinted lenses provide protection from the sun

Climate Control

  • Optional climate control devices warm or cool incoming air to maximize comfort and improve productivity

Product Details

88VX action

The Bullard 88VX Series airline respirators is the industry leader in comfort and reliable respiratory protection for abrasive blasters and painters. The 88VX Respirator is NIOSH approved as a Type C and CE Continuous Flow Class Respirator (Approval No. TC-19C-293).

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