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Abrasive Blasting Suit & Gloves

Blast like a Boss with Bullard Safety Essentials

The Bullard abrasive blast suit is made from a heavy-duty, sweat wicking nylon-cotton blend fabric on the chest and back to improve airflow breathability. Suits are feature-rich to make your work easier, improve comfort, and prolong the life of the suit. Bullard abrasive blast gloves are designed for high dexterity and durability.

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Features & Benefits

The Heavy Duty Blast Suit, Blast Gloves, and Knee Pads from Bullard are designed for tough blasting environments and professional blasters who take pride in their work. This gear is feature-rich, long-lasting, and comfortable.
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Blast Gloves

Focused on high dexterity and durability.

Heavy Duty Blast Suit

With robust parallel seams and extra reinforcement.

Knee Pads

Made extra wide and flexible, with easy insertion into blast suit.

Product Details

  • Interior chest pocket for phone or other devices
  • Knee pads improve comfort and prevent rapid wear down
  • Durable, parallel flat-felled seams and reinforced crotch area protects against ripping seams while allowing for easy movement
  • Heavy duty, integrated belt loops for cooling device
  • Durable neck loop for hanging your suit on a wall hook
  • Heavy duty zipper is further protected with a double chest closure and secure-close snaps
  • Elastic waist, wrists and adjustable ankle cuffs provide a modern fit for all shapes and sizes 
  • Available in Grey
  • Find your fit in 7 available sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, XXXXL
Fits the following ranges, in inches.
Fits the following ranges, in inches.
Fits the following ranges, in inches.
M 38 – 40 32 – 34 29 – 32
L 42 – 44 36 – 38 29 – 32
XL 46 – 48 40 – 42 29 – 32
2X 50 – 52 44 – 46 30 – 34
3X 54 – 56 48 – 50 30 – 34
4X 58 – 60 52 – 54 31 – 36

The Bullard Blast Suit is designed to fit loosely over clothing to allow maximum movement and airflow.


Collar short enough for easy neck movement.

Interior chest pocket for phone or other devices.

Chest protection prevents grit and snap scratches.

Heavy duty zipper and secure-close snaps.

Heavy duty belt loops for cooling device belt.

Blast Glove designed for dexterity and durability.

Double layer protection featuring a kneepad insert.

Color options: Grey and Khaki.



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