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Making Safety A Priority

Safety professionals are always looking for creative ways to promote on-the-job safety. The Turtle Club is an excellent way to encourage safety professionals to focus on accident prevention by rewarding their workers for wearing hard hats. Industrial accidents can happen in a split second and wearing a hard hat can help save a person’s life.

Founded in 1946, The Turtle Club recognizes men and women who have escaped injury because they were wearing a hard hat when an industrial accident occurred. The club is dedicated to saving lives and preventing injuries by encouraging the use of wearing a hard hat. The club’s international sponsor is E.D. ‘Jed’ Bullard who is committed to promoting the principles of The Turtle Club.

Membership in the club requires a nomination from a supervisor or company safety director that documents an employee escaping serious injury by wearing a hard hat. Each new member of the club receives a new Bullard hard hat, a Turtle Club pin and decal and a certificate signed by Jed Bullard. The club pledges to encourage men and women to “Practice safety, wear head protection when necessary and conscientiously encourage others to do so.” To nominate someone for Turtle Club membership, click here.